Couture Shooting | STELLA RHENI | Bonn


Elysium – Greek mythology inspired us for this shoot. It was epic!⚜️

Elysium, is the Latinized form of Elysion, the “island of the blessed” in Greek mythology.

The couture from my friend and business partner @anastasia.liebe.couture was created with a lot of love and passion over many hours of work. I love working with her🤍

Concept & Planning/Art Director | @luzyamor_photographer / @anastasia.liebe.couture
Location | @stellarheni

Deco |  @schiffer_event
Photography | @luzyamor_photographer
Couture | @anastasia.liebe.couture
Headpiece: @art_inspirationxx
Hair & Make up | @sarah.schminkt
Retouch: @anastasia.liebe.couture
Assistant: @kl_photoshoot

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